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Regulation framework for EV batteries

EV Battery Regulations around the World: What You Need to Know

Governments have realised the need to control resources required for future clean energy production. As EVs and batteries play a vital role in meeting the clean energy goals, rapidly evolving regulatory frameworks are setting obligations for all battery industry participants. This article summarises some of the key laws focused on lithium batteries components in the US, Europe, China, Japan and South Korea.

Critical Minerals and the Future Green Economy in the UK

Many countries, the UK included, are facing certain challenges to meet the future clean energy goals. We asked Jeff Townsend, Founder of the Critical Minerals Association, to share his opinion on the situation in the United Kingdom, policy and regulation, opportunities, challenges and risks.
Speakers at the The Responsible Mineral Initiative Conference

The Responsible Mineral Initiative (RMI)’s Annual Conference; Minespider, Google and LuNa Smelter.

Traceability and transparency, aligning standards and ESG metrics and tracking carbon emissions - discover the key topics from the RMI's Annual Conference.
Responsible Sourcing
Sustainable supply chain and due diligence definitions

What is Sustainability in a Supply Chain?

What does supply chain sustainability actually mean? Why is complying with requirements no longer enough? This article gives definitions of sustainable supply chains and due diligence, summarises some of the ESG standards and explains the value the company can get planning by ESG efforts beyond compliance with the obligatory metrics.
Responsible Sourcing
Supply Chain Risks

What is Resilience, and How to Mitigate Your Supply Chain Risks

Organisations can be put at risk by a number of vulnerabilities, especially when there is an economic and geopolitical instability. Among these are financial, strategic, operations and hazard vulnerabilities. This article explains what risks are critical to monitor and what is needed for building a resilient supply chain.
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