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Capture and communicate key data about your minerals - easily.

Differentiate your raw materials by providing crucial information to downstream clients, from due diligence requirements to ESG metrics.

Battery passport product demo

Product Passport

A Product Passport is a digital representation of a material or product’s life; including information on:

Track CO2e
Trace throughout the Lifecycle
Enable more informed decision making at end-of-life
Battery passport product demo

More than metals.

We have a team of experts ready to listen to your challenges - and see where we can solve them with our cutting edge technology.


Blockchain technology provides a secure, decentralized way for battery passports to be stored, updated, and shared along the supply chain.

Layers of data visibility - choose what information you want to share.
Of executive teams believe there’s a huge business potential in blockchain technology.
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Minespider testimonials
 Eduardo Patiño - CTO
"Minsur has worked closely with Minespider to send fully-tracked shipments to tin downstream partners through a blockchain-based mineral authentication framework. We believe that Minespider will help us to better communicate the value of our responsible mineral products, raise industry sustainability standards and to understand our own supply chain better."
Minespider testimonials
Diego Molina Henriquez - CSO
"LuNa Smelter is a leading, conflict-free African tin metal supplier - and Minespider is the catalyst to our responsible sourcing processes."
Minespider testimonials
LuNa Smelter
Aleksandra Cholewa - Managing Director
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Start preparing for the future of traceability today.