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Volkswagen Lead Traceability

We partnered with Volkswagen on a traceability project that aimed to track their lead supply chains as far as possible, while also assessing the state of the supply chains’ transparency and sustainability. 

We identified and categorized around 1,000 companies in VW’s upstream and downstream supply chain and established complete end-to-end supply chains from lead mines/recyclers to the Volkswagen plant.

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Our Tin Traceability Project

In this consortium project with Google, Cisco, SGS, Volkswagen and Minsur, we successfully traced tin end-to-end.

Starting from Minsur’s San Rafael mine in Peru, to the smelter, the refinery, the warehouse, then overseas to the end manufacturers of the participants.


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LuNa Smelter Tin Traceability

Luna Smelter has already tracked the shipment of hundreds of tonnes of tin using Minespider’s blockchain technology.

This case study take a deeper look at Luna Smelter, a leading responsible tin producer in Rwanda, how and why they implemented Minespider’s blockchain tech, and the key outcomes and learnings of the project.
Open Case Study

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