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With upcoming regulations, such as:

• EU Battery regulation

• US Inflation Reduction Act

How a battery inside look like

Battery Passports

A digital ID of your material shipments that easily communicates key data across the supply chain:

Track CO2e
Trace throughout the lifecycle
Enable more informed decision making at end-of-life
A traceability tool for every stakeholder in the battery supply chain.

The Battery Passport
Supply Chain Process

Find where in the battery supply chain are you
Find where in the battery supply chain are you
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Battery Manufacturers

What value can a Battery passport bring to my operations?
What regulations are most pressing for battery manufacturers at the moment?

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Will battery passports help me to communicate sustainability to my customers?
What work do you already do with batteries?
Can you integrate with my current system?

Critical Mineral Producers

As a battery material producer - how are Battery Passports relevant for me?
Do other producers win new clients by using Battery Passports?

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