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A public-permissioned blockchain designed for supply chain traceability.

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What does Minespider’s
blockchain tech offer?

Our blockchain uses a proof-of-authority consensus mechanism that is very energy efficient.

Balancing privacy & transparency

Improved data transparency

Choose which data to make transparent on our public blockchain and which to keep private.

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Not centralized point of failure

Enhanced data security.

Instead of a single database holding your precious data, we distribute it across a network of powerful computers (aka ‘nodes’).

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Designed for supply chains

Traceability enabled among untrusted parties.

Once you send a shipment downstream, the receiver can scan a QR code to see the public data, and log in to see the rest of the data they have access to.

Those who receive shipments further down the supply chain can request access from the sender. That's how we can maintain chain-of-custody even if a supply chain actor doesn't participate.

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Explore our
blockchain-based solutions

Product Passports

Showcase your sustainability efforts to customers, clients & investors.

Trace your materials & products - and position your company as a leader in areas such as transparency, circularity & sustainability.

Demonstrate proof of provenance
Add ESG, carbon emissions data and compliance data
Show key recycling information

Battery Passports

Building the future of sustainable EV batteries.

Capture your batteries' lifecycle data to optimize its sustainability profile, improve business processes & comply with regulations.

Capture material provenance, ESG & GHG data
Optimize processes at end-of-life
Share compliance data

Carbon Emisisons

Connect with your suppliers for Scope 3 emissions tracking.

Partner with your supply chain to track, reduce and offset your Scope 3 GHG emissions.

Discover who is in your supply chain
Request & record GHG emissions data
Partner in reducing/offsetting emissions

Tracking Tool

Bag, tag and track your own minerals.

Use our simple app to scan tags, add key info and create Product Passports with your shipments.

Digitize report
Secure communications
Future-proof your processes

Watch Minespider TV.

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How do you manage data permissions without a central party?

What are the latest developments in conflict mineral regulation?

The Tin Traceability Project

Frequent Questions

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Technical Q&A

For more questions about the Minespider blockchain, please head here.

We want your solution, how can we migrate the data to the Minespider platform?
From the technical point of view, how does Minespider maintain the three different information layers?
Do you offer integrations with my internal ERP system?
Do we need to open the firewall to access the Minespider platform?
Do we have to pay for the system maintenance fee or the system upgrade?

Start preparing for the future of traceability today.