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with Minespider's OreSource.
Flying rocks on forming river of rocks
Flying rocks on forming river of rocks
Our OreSource tool offers custom templates and analytics to help you comply with the EU Conflict Mineral Regulation. 
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Are you a producer or trader
of 3TGs?

Your EU customers need to comply with the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation, which has entered into effect on 1 January 2021.

You can increase the value of your products by:

1. Demonstrating exemplary practices,

2. Providing the information needed by your customers to comply with the EU regulation.
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What are the benefits of OreSource?

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Identify Relevant Information
Do you want to know which information you need to collect?
OreSource helps you identify which information is relevant to comply with EU Regulations.
Share Information Easily
Do you want to communicate this information easily with customers?
High-quality, secure communication of due diligence information with your customers.
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Improve Brand Perception
Do you want to add value to your brand and products?
Added value to your product and brand through better transparency.
Gain Market Access
Do you want to export to key regulated markets?
Enhanced market access for your goods in an increasingly regulated environment.

What is the current European Regulation?

EU Conflict Minerals Regulation (EU 2017/821) has entered into effect on 1 January 2021. Under this regulation, importers of Conflict Minerals (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, and Gold) must ensure that their imports have been sourced and processed responsibly and have not contributed to conflict. 

Want to better understand how you can comply? One of our regulatory experts would be happy to hop on a call.
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Benefits of Blockchain

Improved data transparency.
Enhanced data security.
Traceability enabled among untrusted parties.
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How does it work?

Send this information downstream by adding a QR code to shipments.  

Be recognized as a leading responsible producer globally.
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“The Rwandan mining and processing industry has tremendous potential. It's a lot of work to produce here while adhering to international due diligence requirements and Minespider enables us to make these processes more efficient. With blockchain we can communicate our efforts along the supply chain, strengthening our brand.”

Olena Wiaderna
Director of Sustainability & Supply Chain
Due Diligence
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"Minsur has worked closely with Minespider to send fully-tracked shipments to tin downstream partners through a blockchain-based mineral authentication framework. We believe that Minespider will help us to better communicate the value of our responsible mineral products, raise industry sustainability standards and to understand our own supply chain better."

Diego Molina Henriquez
Chief Transformation &
Strategy Officer
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"Stannol's customers can use Minespider's blockchain-based platform to verify that they are getting 100% FAIRTIN products. We believe that Minespider's blockchain technology will allow us to demonstrate our accomplishments and to communicate our achievements to our customers and supply chain partners in a trusted way.”

Marco Dörr
Managing Director
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"Minespider have a unique approach to responsible sourcing and I believe their technology is exactly what the industry needs to help become more transparent."

Michelle Ash
Chief Executive Officer
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Implementing OreSource at LuNa Smelter.

Learn more about our work in Rwanda with our partners LuNa Smelter, RMB & Google, and how we implemented blockchain traceability technology on site.


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Blockchain is complex - but that doesn’t mean the pricing should be. Choose from one of our subscription plans below and get set up within 24 hours.

Pro Plan

1 company account

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    Tracking Dashboard
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    Risk Alerts
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    All Standard Templates
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    API Access

Enterprise Plan

1 company account, 5 managed supplier accounts

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    Tracking Dashboard
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    API Access

Custom Plan

Custom development & API Access

Have a unique project in mind? Want to use our API to connect to your marketplace or platform to the blockchain?

We are happy to discuss what you can do and build. Our team also has extensive knowledge in project scoping, due diligence, and certifications.

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