Carbon Emissions Tracking

Your carbon footprint includes your supply chain.

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Building the future of carbon-neutral, sustainable supply chains.

We connect you to suppliers - and their emissions data.

Your supply chain accounts for 80-90% of your emissions.

To manage and reduce these emissions, you need to know your suppliers and track relevant Scope 3 data.

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Why should I track Scope 3 emissions?

- Work with your suppliers to reduce emissions.
- Know what you need to offset - and even do it directly in the supplier’s jurisdiction.
- Keep investors and clients content.

A forest full of trees. Disocver why you should track Scope 3 emissions
How it works

Traceability on the
Minespider Blockchain


Identify your supply chain partners/participants


Discuss GHG emissions requirements and evaluate your suppliers


Engage with the right actors & implement a suitable passport solution


Start adding GHG emissions data to the passport


Ensure a QR code is applied to each of your shipments to capture key Scope 3 data


Blockchain technology provides a secure, decentralized way for battery passports to be stored, updated, and shared along the supply chain.

Layers of data visibility - choose what information you want to share.
Of executive teams believe there’s a huge business potential in blockchain technology.
Minespider testimonials
Kofi Annan
Former Secretary-General of UN
“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
Minespider testimonials
Dr Jane Goodall
Scientist & Activist
"Our carbon emissions have to eventually go to zero. We have to. Otherwise we're never going to have a stable climate and that's what our goal is for human civilization to thrive, a stable climate."
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Frequent Questions

For more questions about the Carbon Emissions Tracking, please head here.

Why should I track my carbon emissions?
What methodology do you use for tracking emissions?
What are the greenhouse gases (GHGs)?
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I’m using an external company for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission calculations, can I work with Minespider on the product tracking level?
If my company doesn’t do emissions calculations yet, would you still be able to support me?
How do I track my Scope 3 emissions?
Can I include logistics data?
Can you help us comply with ISO14064/CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism)?

Want to understand how you could track Scope 3 emissions?

We have a team of experts ready to listen to your challenges - and see where we can solve them with our cutting-edge technology.