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Easily track your minerals in a self-certifiable way.

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Use Minerspider’s
tracking tool to...

Track directly from your mine site to smelters, refiners or exporters.

In designated jurisdictions, implement Minespider's tracking tool to 'bag and tag' minerals and prove that they are coming from a desired point of origin.

Minespiders's tracking tool enables to asily track your minerals in a self-certifiable way.

Implement our tracking tool independently.

- Save costs & communicate efficiently
- Digitize and secure existing properties
- Choose your partners & run your own system

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Benefits of Minespider’s Tracking Tool.

How it works

4 Implementation Steps for Chain of Custody


Identify the mines you will source from.

Due diligence and KYC can be conducted in numerous ways, but it is important to have information on where you are buying from and the conditions at the site.


Set up tags, scanners and a printer.

You'll need tags and a printer to print QR codes. Tag numbers can be scanned from a phone and easily entered into the Minespider app.


Onboard staff and suppliers.

Buy-in from the participants and other stakeholders is key to success. Proper training and support helps everyone succeed. You can find materials to help on this page.


Secure & communicate data.

Blockchain tools help secure better data but they don't replace due diligence. Always check that the data in your chain of custody makes sense!

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Comprehensive User Manual

For more detailed information about how to implement the Chain of Custody tool in your company, please read the full User Manual.

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Minespider testimonials
Christian Masurenko
Managing Director, Up Cape Partnership Inc. & ECTerra
“LuNa Smelter is a leading, conflict-free African tin metal supplier - and Minespider is the catalyst to our responsible sourcing processes, enabling us to transform our business and communicate our compliance and sustainability efforts with downstream partners.”
Minespider testimonials
Aleksandra Cholewa
Director - Luma Holdings
“We believe that Minespider helps us to better communicate the value of our responsible mineral products, raise industry sustainability standards and to understand our own supply chain better.”
Minespider testimonials
Diego Molina Henriquez
CSO - Minsur
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Frequent Questions

For more questions about the Tracking Tool, please head here.

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