Diamond Product Passport

Every Diamond
needs a Passport

Use digital product passports to track your diamonds and comply with G7 requirements.

How can you prove the authenticity and origin of your diamonds with a traceability platform and Digital Product Passports? How can you comply with the G7 ruling?

G7 Requirements

All G7 members will implement a direct ban on diamonds exported from Russia at the latest by 1 January 2024. As of 1 March 2024, a ban on Russian diamonds polished in a third country will take effect and, as of 1 September 2024, the ban will be expanded to include lab-grown diamonds, jewellery, and watches containing diamonds.

G7 Requirements timeline 2024


Ban on diamonds exported from Russia.


Ban on Russian diamonds polished in a third country.


Ban expanded to include diamonds, jewellery, and watches.

Diamond Traceability

G7 countries will require a verification and certification mechanism for rough diamonds to prove the origin. The G7's new directives necessitate robust traceability for diamonds, demanding verification that diamonds are not mined, processed, or produced in conflict zones.

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Minespider can get you compliant with G7 rules in 6 - 8 weeks.

Our traceability platform

Minespider's platform can manage complex G7 requirements for diamonds, providing a complete solution for compliance and assurance. Simple to implement and providing top data security.

Minespider’s advanced technology ensures every step of a diamond's supply chain, from mine to market, is traceable, transparent, and tamper-proof so your consumers are confident about the authenticity and origin of their diamonds.

Why Minespider?

Blockchain-Enabled Traceability

Leverage our blockchain-based traceability platform to track every diamond's journey, ensuring authenticity and responsible sourcing.

Enhanced Consumer Trust

Enhance your brand's integrity and consumer trust by showcasing a commitment to ethical practices.

Compliance with G7 Requirements

Align with the latest G7 requirements for diamond traceability, ensuring your business meets global standards and regulations.

Traceability Experts

Minespider stands as the industry's leading traceability platform, running the world’s largest full-scale traceability project with Minsur, the second-largest tin producer globally.

Diamond Passport

Minespider's blockchain-based Diamond Passport is a digital ID of your diamond that contains all the key data along the supply chain.

The Diamond Passport can collect and communicate important product data, such as information on the country of origin, a unique diamond’s DNA, such as size, shape, color, carat, clarity, cut, and specific inclusions (natural flaws or imperfections), certificates from gemological laboratories and other documentation about the diamond.

Start compliance with the G7 requirements today.

Embrace the future of diamond traceability with Minespider. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can meet your company's specific needs and align with G7 requirements.

Frequent Questions

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