Digital Product Passports

A digital ID of your materials and products that easily communicates key data along the supply chain.

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A blockchain-secured digital ID of your materials that easily communicates key data along the supply chain.

Digital Product
Passports trace

  1. Provenance of products and the minerals within them.
  2. ESG, carbon emissions data and compliance metrics throughout a product’s entire lifecycle.
  3. End-of-life care, such as recycling information.
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Digital Product Passports.

Minespider's Digital Product Passports

Discover our DPPs and traceability platform for collecting and communicating the key provenance information, ESG data, and tracking carbon emissions.

How it works

How it works.


Identify your supply chain partners & participants


Discuss data requirements and evaluate your suppliers


Engage with the right actors & implement a suitable Product Passport solution


Start adding data to the Product Passport

How can I link the physical to the digital world?

Digital Product Passports are currently linked to the real world via the use of our innovative QR codes, which are printed and placed on the products.

We also work with numerous other physical trackers depending on your needs.

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