Our Vision

A world where tracked, responsible products are the norm rather than the exception.


We enable you to be at the cutting-edge of sustainability.

What we do

The time for responsible products is now. Companies need to demonstrate that they produce responsibly to access global markets and investment. With blockchain this becomes much easier.

Leading companies use our platform to track carbon emissions, critical documents, and supply chain histories of the products we need for the clean energy transition.

We invite you to become an industry-leader in the transparent economy.

About Minespider and the reasons we are traceability leaders

Why we do it

We want to advance sustainability - rewarding companies that truly bring about change.

A woman working in a mine

How we do it

With cutting-edge technology and leading experts in blockchain, regulation, policy, mining and manufacturing.

Meet the team

Nathan Williams

Founder & CEO

Volker Krümpel


Ella Cullen

Co-founder & CMO

Felipe Stark


Martin Hobler


Lee Williams

Regulatory Specialist

Yaser Hammadi

Client Partner

Pavlina Spasovska

Project Lead - Battery Materials

Christian Ecker

Client Partner

Andrey Tihiy

Senior Frontend Engineer

Sasha Zuravlev

Senior Backend Engineer

Alex Yalovoy

Senior Backend Engineer

Alex Mezhenskiy

Frontend Engineer

Fernando Freitas


Ana Veljan


Jaqueline Laganaro

Business Development Associate

Hsing-Hung (Connie) Wang

Business Development Associate

Anastasia Popova

Content Marketing Manager

Alexey Demchenko

Project Manager

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Come build the future with us.

Here at Minespider, we're building the future of sustainable supply chains on the blockchain. We partner with amazing companies, such as Google, Minsur, Ford & Renault, who share our vision that no mineral should be sourced anonymously.

Join us in building sustainable growth.