Communicate your sustainability efforts with Battery Passports.

A blockchain-secured digital ID of your material shipments, to easily communicate key data across the supply chain.
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What is a Battery Passport?

A Battery Passport is a digital representation of a battery's life; including its mineral components and where they were sourced, where it was manufactured, carbon emissions at every stage of production, and how to recycle it at the end of its life.

The goal is to increase transparency at every stage, with the battery passport gathering ESG information and lifecycle requirements based on what a sustainable battery should encompass (and align with the Paris Agreement 2030).

How blockchain supports battery passports?

Blockchain technology provides a secure, decentralized way for battery passports to be updated, stored, and shared along the supply chain.

Stakeholders such as producers, OEMs, governments, brands and consumers can view their digital Battery Passport for the physical battery to understand exactly how it was produced and how it should be recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

An easy way to share key data along the supply chain.

Minespider's blockchain platform allows you to easily create digital ID's - Product Passports - of your material shipments, that contain all the information needed for a product to cross a border, comply with due diligence requirements and recycle minerals.

Capture Provenance
& Material Information

Demonstrate the provenance of your minerals and prove your responsible sources.

Track carbon emissions

Collect key data for carbon emissions tracking with our simple templates and share with downstream clients.

Share key compliance data

Use our custom templates to streamline your data collection and send this info along with your shipments.

Communicate recycling infomation

Help your downstream customers understand how to reuse the minerals in a circular system.
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Minespider strengthens our brand, and by using their blockchain technology we communicate due diligence data more efficiently and digitize our processes.
Olena Wiaderna,
Managing Director
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We believe that Minespider will help us to better communicate the value of our responsible mineral products, raise industry sustainability standards and to better understand our own supply chain.
Diego Molina Henriquez,
Chief Transformation & Strategy Officer

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