Battery Passports

A traceability tool for every stakeholder in the battery supply chain.

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A traceability tool for every stakeholder in the battery supply chain.
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What is a
Battery Passport?

A Battery Passport is a digital representation of a battery's life, including:

  1. The origin of its mineral components.

  2. Its production history, ESG metrics, and carbon emissions at every stage of production.
  3. It’s performance levels and data that contributes to better reuse or recycling.
A traceability tool for every stakeholder in the battery supply chain.

Benefits of
Battery Passports.

How it works.


Identify your battery supply chain partners/participants.


Discuss battery data requirements and include your suppliers.


Engage with the right actors & implement a suitable Battery Passport solution.


Start adding data to the Battery Passport.


Ensure a QR code is applied to each of your batteries falling in the Battery Passport scope.


Blockchain technology provides a secure, decentralized way for battery passports to be stored, updated, and shared along the supply chain.

Layers of data visibility - choose what information you want to share.
Of executive teams believe there’s a huge business potential in blockchain technology.
How it works

Where in the supply chain are you?

Where in the battery supply chain are you
Where in the battery supply chain are you
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Frequent Questions

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