ESG and Sustainability

Learn more about sustainability, resilience in supply chains, what ESG standards are in place, and how you can comply with them.
tracking downstream supply chain

Learnings from 5 years of experience in mapping supply chains

Tracking a downstream supply chain is never easy, especially if it consists of hundreds or thousands of suppliers. In this article, Minespider unveils some of the best practices in supply chain mapping based on 5 years of expertise and experience working with complex global mineral supply chains.
ESG and Sustainability
ESG and supply chain risks

Creating Sustainable Supply Chains to Respond to ESG Risks

A supply network is only as strong as its lines of communication. Today, with all of the technological advancements and availability of data, risk anticipation has become more efficient. Companies now have an opportunity to predict disruptions and overcome risks by having a strategy in place. In this article, we look at the main supply chain risks related to ESG and the steps a company can take to minimise them, by creating a sustainable supply network.
ESG and Sustainability
Sustainable supply chain and due diligence definitions

What is Sustainability in a Supply Chain?

What does supply chain sustainability actually mean? Why is complying with requirements no longer enough? This article gives definitions of sustainable supply chains and due diligence, summarises some of the ESG standards and explains the value the company can get planning by ESG efforts beyond compliance with the obligatory metrics.
ESG and Sustainability
Supply Chain Risks

What is Resilience, and How to Mitigate Your Supply Chain Risks

Organisations can be put at risk by a number of vulnerabilities, especially when there is an economic and geopolitical instability. Among these are financial, strategic, operations and hazard vulnerabilities. This article explains what risks are critical to monitor and what is needed for building a resilient supply chain.
ESG and Sustainability
ESG data verification

On the path to IPO; the rising importance of data traceability for ESG

The evaluation of companies has changed. Investors are carefully analyzing additional aspects other than the standard financial metrics. Responsible business actions have never been more emphasized, and that is why strengthening the ESG component with blockchain-powered traceability is becoming essential to differentiate and showcase real impact.
ESG and Sustainability

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