Transparency with Blockchain and Physical Tracking Technologies

Angela v. Beckh Bacchetta
Angela v. Beckh Bacchetta
Enabling Traceability in Raw Material Supply Chains with Physical Tracking Technologies.
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Abstract: By combining blockchain with physical tracking technologies, raw materials can potentially be traced throughout their global supply chains. Physical tracking technologies enable observing how raw materials move within the physical world, whereas blockchain translates these events in to the digital world with an immutable record. This paper presents a taxonomy of different physical tracking technologies and examines if and how the combination of these technologies render raw material supply chains more transparent. Although academic literature highlights the theoretical benefits of combining these transformative technologies, large scale projects are still in their early stages. Following a brief literature review, this paper leverages an empirical approach to classify different tracking technologies, their fields of application and limitations, as well as how these technologies can enable supply chain transparency. Obviously, there is no single technology that can fulfil all requirements along complex supply chains. However, the relevant combination

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About the author
Angela v. Beckh Bacchetta
Angela v. Beckh Bacchetta
Angela has over 15 years of experience in innovation, game-changing technologies, and disruptive new business models with multinationals, investment funds, start-ups, and academia.

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