EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy

EV batteries are becoming crucially important for the circular economy. Here you can find more information on critical minerals traceability, and battery passports that enable transparent battery supply chains.
The Open Battery Passport

What is the Battery Passport?

Episode 5 of Minespider’s Explainer videos is about the Battery Passport. Pavlina Sapasovska explains the concept of Battery Passports, their purpose, and what information they should contain, as well as the cost. In this episode you will also learn which companies have to implement Battery Passports and when this requirement comes into effect. Pavlina also introduces the Open Battery Passport by Minespider, the first fully compliant and blockchain-based solution that revolutionizes the way battery information is managed.
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
Inflation Reduction Act key facts

What is the US Inflation Reduction Act?

In the third explainer video we discuss the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and its significance for the EV battery market. The IRA provides tax credits for "clean vehicles" that use domestically sourced battery materials, aiming to promote green energy and strengthen US energy independence. We explore the concept of clean vehicles, the incentives for their adoption, and the key differences between the IRA and the EU Battery Regulation.
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
The Eu Battery Regulation

The Guide to the EU Battery Regulation

This is the second episode of the Minespider short explainer videos about the EU Battery Regulation. In this video, Pavlina Spasovska covers the main goals of the regulation, requirements, and three steps on how battery supply chain participants can ensure compliance.
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
Battery supply chain regulations

The overview of the Battery Supply Chain Regulations

Minespider has released a short explainer video on the battery supply chain, technologies, and regulations. The video covers the significance of EVs and batteries for the economy, the first regulations focused on batteries and EV market, proposed requirements to OEMs, battery manufacturers, and critical minerals producers. It also discusses crucial regulations being implemented globally in the battery industry, such as the EU Battery Regulation, the Inflation Reduction Act in the US, and China's NEV Battery Recycling Mandate, as well as future trends.
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
Regulation framework for EV batteries

EV Battery Regulations around the World: What You Need to Know

Governments have realised the need to control resources required for future clean energy production. As EVs and batteries play a vital role in meeting the clean energy goals, rapidly evolving regulatory frameworks are setting obligations for all battery industry participants. This article summarises some of the key laws focused on lithium batteries components in the US, Europe, China, Japan and South Korea.
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
Regulation Explained

Critical Minerals and the Future Green Economy in the UK

Many countries, the UK included, are facing certain challenges to meet the future clean energy goals. We asked Jeff Townsend, Founder of the Critical Minerals Association, to share his opinion on the situation in the United Kingdom, policy and regulation, opportunities, challenges and risks.
Mining, Metals & Responsible Sourcing
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
Top Rare Materials

Top Rare Materials Needed to Achieve Global Clean Energy Goals

Global clean energy demand can be met thanks to rare earth minerals and such materials as copper, lithium, nickel, and cobalt. At the same time, there are certain risks, including limited production capacity, rising energy costs in the production process, logistics, and quality level which is only becoming harder to reach. In this article, we list the top materials needed for the transition to clean energy, and the risks associated with them.
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
Battery Technology Conference

Key Takeaways from the Battery Technology Conference 2022

The Minespider team participated in the Battery Technology Conference 2022 and collected the key takeaways from the event. In this article, we summarized opinions from the top industry experts on the battery value chain, technology trends, new battery chemistries, and the battery market outlook.
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
EU Battery Regulation Proposal

Charging up for the new EU Battery Regulation Proposal

On the 10th of December 2020, the European Commission published the EU Battery Regulation Proposal. This proposal aims to substitute and build on the current EU Battery Directive (2006/66/EC) by incorporating the latest developments in the battery industry, with a special focus on sustainability, quality, and circularity. In this article, we provide key insights on how this proposal differs from the current directive and some of the main requirements for economic operators in this area.
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
Regulation Explained
blockchain technology empowering circular economy

Leveraging blockchain to empower circular economy

Learn how blockchain technology is a key enabler for the next generation of the circular economy, by giving companies and individuals the opportunity to fully understand and optimize their supply cycles.
EVs, Batteries & Circular Economy
Blockchain & Traceability

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