TEMSA partners with Minespider to be the first e-bus company compliant with EU Battery Regulation

TEMSA, one of the leading coach, bus, and light-truckmanufacturers, partnered with Minespider to integrate Battery Passports.
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●      One of the largest world commercial vehicle manufacturers will partner with Minespider to become fully compliant with the new EU Battery regulation company

●      TEMSA started to implement the software and Battery Passports

4 January 2024, Adana, Turkey/Berlin, Germany - TEMSA, one of the leading coach, bus, and light-truckmanufacturers operating in 70 countries worldwide, announced that it partnered with Minespider to collect key data, integrate Battery Passports and comply with the new EU Battery Regulation.

The Battery Passport is an electronic record that will hold all the data regarding a battery including its technical details, information, sustainability and usage data that was proposed by the EU Battery Regulation proposal back in 2020 and approved in July 2023.  Also, a Life Cycle Assessment and carbon footprint declaration will be carried out. Being one of the leading smart mobility companies, TEMSA operates in many EU countries and has to comply with the new regulation.

The requirement to establish Battery Passports will be obligatory from 42 months after the regulation goes into force, which is in February 2027. TEMSA’s ambition is to be a human-centered technology company and provide smart and sustainable mobility solutions to the world, not only complying with all regulations but going beyond them.

The project includes conducting the Battery Regulation Readiness assessment, providing consultancy on what data have to be collected, integration of the Minespider platform with existing software, setting up the Battery Passports for an exemplary battery model, and then scaling up the Battery Passports throughout TEMSA.

Temsa’s intention is being transparent about the information for the Battery Packs that are delivered in buses, coaches or even sold as an off the shelf separate product. In that way we can be more confident about the safety and reliability of our Battery Packs. End-user can access data just by scanning the barcode on the pack and reach to information very quickly. – says Burak Onur, Head of Electric Powertrain, TEMSA.

TEMSA is one of the world's leading coach and bus manufacturers. Technology-oriented automotive company provides transportation solutions for customers, building on 55 years of experience in more than 70 markets worldwide, with a significant market share in leading economies such as the USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

Minespider is a technology company offering a blockchain-based platform for tracking supply chain data and creating more sustainable and transparent supply chains. Minespider developed the digital Product Passports and the Open Battery Passport that are digital IDs of the material that easily communicates key data across the supply chain. Companies such as Google, Cisco, Ford Otosan, Fenix DVTM, Renault, Minsur, LuNa Smelter, and Rayrock use Minespider's technology to drive the shift towards a sustainable future and circular economy.

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