Minespider to disrupt the EV battery market with the first advanced Open Battery Passport

The Open Battery Passport is a tool for recording and sharing information about the battery’s life cycle to help companies comply with regulations.
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●      The Open Battery Passport built on blockchain technology will enable OEMs and battery producers to collect and exchange critical data about EV batteries and comply with upcoming battery regulations.

●      Minespider is the first company to offer the technology free for everyone, forever.

Berlin, Germany, 17 May 2023 - ​​Minespider, a leading supply chain traceability platform, announced today the launch of its Open Battery Passport to advance the shift towards clean and sustainable mobility in Europe and beyond. The Battery Passport, based on blockchain technology, is the first open access passport, and will enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and battery producers to collect and exchange critical data about the EV battery, while also complying with upcoming battery regulations.

The Open Battery Passport is designed specifically to address the requirements of the EU and other upcoming battery regulations. During the early access period, Minespider is accepting 100 companies to sign up for the beta version of the Open Battery Passport on the website. Beyond this period, the full version will be available to all users. Minespider plans to open source the software in early 2024.

The Open Battery Passport by Minespider provides a reliable and secure tool for recording and sharing information for the battery’s life cycle. It includes information on the battery type, chemistry and performance details, as well as sustainability data, with the aim to ensure safe and sustainable handling of batteries throughout their lifecycle, enabling a more circular economy.

The company can quickly and easily create Battery Passports by integrating an open API, use battery passport templates, add individual battery data, including information as defined in Article 65 and Annex XIII in the EU Battery Regulation. Besides that, Minespider Open Battery Passport can help companies to track all relevant ESG metrics, carbon emissions data, and recycled content. The Open Battery Passport includes an unlimited number of passports, accounts, and API calls.  

Since 2021 the Minespider team has worked to create the most comprehensive Battery Passport on the market and launched the first version in November 2021. During the past two years 15 companies have been onboarded, use the product and provide valuable feedback. Minespider works with industry-leading companies from the EV battery market, including Ford Otosan and Renault. They are also a part of the European Battery Alliance and the EU Commission’s funded project BATRAW, aimed to find new technological ways to recycle critical minerals from the EV batteries.

Nathan Williams, Minespider Founder and CEO stressed the importance of making the Battery Passport open and free for everybody: “The world moves towards a more sustainable future, and Minespider's Open Battery Passport is leading this change, providing the essential data and tools needed for a truly connected and responsible automotive industry. Our goal is to revolutionize the industry by offering this groundbreaking tool for free, forever, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the information and insights needed to transform the automotive landscape and comply with upcoming battery regulations''.

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