Minespider and Star Diamond Corp to launch G7 compliant Diamond Passport

Minespider and Star Diamond Corp. partnered to launch the Diamond Passport and comply with the new G7 rules.
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Saskatoon, Canada/Berlin, Germany, 25 April 2024 - Minespider, a leading traceability platform for tracking minerals and raw materials, and Star Diamond Corp., a Canadian corporation engaged in the exploration, acquisition and development of mineral properties, partnered to launch the Diamond Passport and comply with the new G7 rules.

G7 countries put a direct ban on Russian diamonds and agreed to establish a verification and certification mechanism for rough diamonds to prove the origin to ensure diamonds are not mined, processed, or produced in conflict zones.

Having over 6 years of traceability experience with companies like Google, Minsur, LuNa Smelter, and others, Minespider introduced its own Diamond Passport in March this year. The Diamond Passport contains all key information about the diamond, including its provenance data, the diamond’s unique DNA, such as size, shape, color, carat, clarity, cut, and specific inclusions (natural flaws or imperfections), certificates from gemological laboratories and other documentation about the diamond.

“Through our partnership with Star Diamond, we intend to significantly strengthen the company's position in diamond mining at large-scale mining spots in Canada. The diamond industry requires a new reliable mechanism for the verification and certification of rough diamonds based on traceability, and we are proud to support this significant change with our robust technology and extensive experience in mineral traceability.” - Nathan Williams, CEO and Founder, Minespider.

Star Diamond Corporation is striving to ensure that diamond mining in Saskatchewan is conducted responsibly, with a focus on improving environmental performance and accompanied by strong social performance.

"Star Diamond is excited to partner with the team at Minespider as we prepare for the eventual production and retailing of our world-class conflict-free Saskatchewan diamonds. It is our aim to provide wholesalers/retailers and end purchasers with a complete provenance report on all of our gem-quality diamonds. This will ensure that end purchasers may rest assured that the diamond they purchase for their loved one is conflict-free and ethically produced in Canada." - Ewan Mason, President & CEO, Star Diamond Corporation.

Star Diamond Corporation is a Canadian natural resource company focused on the acquisition, exploration, and development of diamond properties. It focuses on the operation of Star-Orion South Diamond and Buffalo Hills projects. The company was founded in April 1985 and is headquartered in Saskatoon, Canada. It’s committed to creating value for shareholders by finding, exploring, and then developing quality natural resources in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner.

Minespider is a leading technology platform for tracking minerals and raw materials. The company offers a traceability platform to track mineral supply chain data and create more sustainable and transparent mineral supply chains. Minespider has developed Digital Product Passports, which are digital material IDs that allow for easy transfer of key data throughout the supply chain. Companies such as Google, Ford Otosan, TEMSA, Minsur, Luna Smelter and others are using Minespider's technology to move towards a sustainable future.

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