Climate Transformed 2023

Nathan Williams
Founder & CEO
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Event Summary

Minespider will be attending Climate Transformed 2023! Join us at this forum to explore new technologies, find out more about upcoming policies and meet and network with people that will drive us towards a more sustainable and decarbonized global economy over the year ahead.

The conference will focus on addressing the near-term geo-political and policy challenges, as well as the funding requirements and breakthrough technologies essential to maintaining momentum towards Net Zero. Over two days, 16 sustainability verticals will be featured and a series of one-on-one interviews will be taking place with the corporate leaders.

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Panel discussion

Supply Chain Optimization

December 6 | 20:00 - 20:30 BST

Join Nathan Williams, CEO & Founder, at this live panel debate to learn more about software innovations that are revolutionizing the monitoring and reporting of emissions, disclosure requirements and the impact they will have on the operations of thousands of companies and developments with Web 3.

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