Empowering sustainable
supply chains.

With blockchain technology.
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Understand who is in your supply chain,  improve your sustainability management and sourcing practices.
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What do you want to discover & manage?

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Material Provenance
Do you know where your minerals come from? And the conditions under which they were produced?
Start discovering your supply chain and push questionnaires out to your suppliers to work backwards to the point of provenance.
Legal Risk
Are you ready to be compliant with new and upcoming regulations?
The EU Conflict Minerals Regulation, US Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502, Germany Supply Chain Law, or the UK’s Modern Slavery Act and many more are in full force. Develop templates to push out to your suppliers and request the data you need to be compliant.
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Supply Risks & Mineral Shortages
Are you prepared for supply chain interruptions? Do you know how to secure critical mineral inputs?
COVID-19 showed us that global supply chains can be an opportunity or a limitation to your company’s growth. Understand who and where you’re sourcing from to ensure future production can scale.
Sustainability Efforts
Can you communicate your sustainability efforts to consumers in a trusted manner?
Consumers want to know that they can trust a brand to act sustainably. Showcase the efforts you and your suppliers are making to source responsibly and reduce your footprint.

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Benefits of Blockchain

Improved data transparency.
Enhanced data security.
Traceability enabled among untrusted parties.
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How does it work?

Receive key information by scanning a QR code attached to shipments.

Work towards a future where 100% of your raw materials are responsibly sourced and fully traced.
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Be proud of your suppliers.

There are many responsible companies at every stage of the supply chain. Those working hard to ensure their workers are well paid and are part of a community.

Those ensuring that they manage waste, water, and chemicals in the most responsible manner. Work with your suppliers to create more sustainable products.
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