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Top Rare Materials

Top Rare Materials Needed to Achieve Global Clean Energy Goals

Global clean energy demand can be met thanks to rare earth minerals and such materials as copper, lithium, nickel, and cobalt. At the same time, there are certain risks, including limited production capacity, rising energy costs in the production process, logistics, and quality level which is only becoming harder to reach. In this article, we list the top materials needed for the transition to clean energy, and the risks associated with them.
Transparent Supply Chains

The French Duty of Care Law, a Step Towards Transparent Supply Chains

In 2017, the French law of Duty of Care obliged companies to establish, publish, and effectively manage measures to identify possible risks and prevent severe abuses of human rights, fundamental freedoms, health and safety of individuals, and the environment. That was one of the first laws on Duty of Care. This article covers the regulation and types of companies that should comply. ‍
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Battery Technology Conference

Key Takeaways from the Battery Technology Conference 2022

The Minespider team participated in the Battery Technology Conference 2022 and collected the key takeaways from the event. In this article, we summarized opinions from the top industry experts on the battery value chain, technology trends, new battery chemistries, and the battery market outlook.
European Raw Materials Strategy

Ready for change? Aligning your business with the European Raw Materials Strategy

The European Union is working towards a secure supply of raw materials to ensure the competitiveness of its countries’ industries and simultaneously enable the shift to a greener economy. This article covers the three lighthouses: ‍Sustainable Discovery & Supply, ‍Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility and Raw Materials and Circular Societies - and how to ensure your company is at the forefront of this push for sustainability.
Polysilicon process chain

Know the Source: The Polysilicon Supply Chain

Following our previous blogs on the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and the international concerns about forced labor, today we will get to know the polysilicon supply chain, its implications, and how supply chain actors might need to prove the absence of forced labor along their entire production chain.
Responsible Sourcing

Join us in building sustainable growth.