Minespider Team Retreat

Chrystalla Pieri
Now that Minespider is a fully remote team, we decided it was time to meet up in person again, and hosted our very first team retreat. So we all flew to Berlin from all over the world on a mission to strategize, plan new products, and of course, have some bonding time over dinners and drinks!
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About the author
Chrystalla Pieri
Chrystalla is Minespider’s Growth Manager. She has 9 years experience working with SaaS startups and is particularly passionate about content creation and product marketing. Chrystalla previously worked at Proto.io, Inman Group, and 3CX. Even though she’s a newbie in the blockchain traceability family, sustainability and helping build a better future for everyone, is something she strongly advocates for.

Last month, the whole Minespider team flew in from all over the world to spend 3 days together in Berlin. During that time we set out to do four things:  strategize, hack new products, get to know each other better, and of course have some fun. 

Being a fully remote team has its pros and cons, and one of the main challenges of being fully distributed is getting to know each other in person, especially since some of us haven’t actually met in person before. Things like body language don’t always come across over a Zoom call, so getting that face to face time with each other is important.

So after a few team discussions on where it was best to meet, we decided that Berlin was the place to be.

Our Agenda

Our CMO, Ella, planned this retreat to perfection. Our activities included a nice mix of work and play to make sure we accomplished our goals, bonding as a team and working and brainstorming together.

Day 1 - Arrival Day

All team members arrived from different locations at different times, and finally some of us met for drinks in the afternoon. 

Day 2 - Team Photoshoot + Product Workshop

On our second day, we all worked together in the morning, and had a team + individual photoshoot, followed by a very productive Product Workshop.

Minespider team photo

The Product Workshop

The aim of the workshop was to brainstorm and align our team on a new product we are working on. The workshop was facilitated by Merissa Silk, using her own version of the Product Vision Canvas which is inspired and  based on Roman Pichler’s product canvas.

Product Vision Canvas (Merissa Silk)

We worked together in small groups, discussing, sharing back, affinity mapping, and then finally coming  to alignment.

By the end of the session we had a clear product vision with supporting evidence that we could use from discovery through to delivery and growth.

Product Vision Workshop (Merissa and Nathan)

Thank you Merissa! 

It was extremely helpful to have an external product expert who was able to keep our brainstorming on track and help us focus only on product. It allowed us to grasp a more clear direction for our product vision and revealed some surprising yet insightful variance in perception about our products.

Christian Ecker, Project Manager at Minespider.

We ended the day with amazing food and of course wine :)

Day 3 - Pain-points brainstorming session + pizza

On day 3 we woke up super productive and inspired from Merissa’s workshop. The day included a free to work with anyone you want, followed by another session led by our very own CSO, Hakim Aceval.

Pain-points Brainstorming Session

We were divided into small groups along the supply chain and spent some time considering the main pain points of all actors across a supply chain. We had to put our thinking hats on and forget about “Minespider” and really think like one of these people.

1. What is keeping them awake?

2. What are their biggest problems and top of mind worries?

This design-thinking exercise was followed by a scoring exercise to decide which pain points are the most important and what we need to focus on moving forward. 

Minespider Pain-point brainstorming session.

Thank you Hakim :) 

Pizza, beer and ice breaker games

We ended the night with the most delicious sourdough pizza, beers and ice-breaker games. 

Our favorite? Tell me your life story in 2 minutes. We discovered amazing life events of our team members we never knew.

I found the Minespider team retreat really beneficial and inspirational. It’s a different feeling when you meet colleagues in person that you have been interacting with for months online. On top of that, the brainstorming sessions and workshops we had along with the instant ‘Eureka’ moments derived from the in-person interactions are something I found very helpful and aligning. It was really good to experience a bit of the company culture and confirm there is so much like-mindedness in the direction Minespider is moving. Overall, a very positive and rewarding experience on both a professional and personal level!

Pavlina Spasovska, Project Manager at Minespider.

Transforming the mineral supply chain with blockchain technology.

Our vision at Minespider is a world where tracked, responsible products are the norm rather than the exception. It’s a long shot, and it’s the kind of goal that will keep us from being stagnant and complacent. 

It’s company retreats like this that allow us to realise why we do what we do. It’s definitely not just for a paycheck, but it’s much bigger than that. It’s about creating a better tomorrow, a better planet and a better world for all of us to live in. And to be frankly honest… we’re off to a good start.

Join us in building sustainable growth.