Introducing Klederson Bueno, CTO of Minespider.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Klederson has been our technical advisor for over a year now, helping to guide our protocol design and development from day one. We’re thrilled to announce that he will now join us as Minespider’s Chief Technical Officer, bringing almost two decades of tech, business and management experience to the team.

Klederson will continue to scale the tech team, so if you are a blockchain developer interested in joining Minespider, then feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

What’s your background?

“I’m originally from a small Brazilian town deep in the Amazon rainforest, called Acre. As a teenager I moved to São Paulo, where I first discovered the world of IT. I had started to code with mIRC and Ultima Online pirate servers around the age of eleven, but it was in São Paulo that I got involved with numerous IT communities, such as Slackware and Linux user groups. I even gave my first talk at a University about ‘Security in Linux’ at the tender age of thirteen.

I eventually got a part-time job in IT and my interest only grew from there. After that, I took on various development jobs, everything from working in American multinationals to working in some lady’s living room. When I turned eighteen, I was really excited to get my first tech lead role at From there I moved to Axia Value Chain, which was eventually bought by EY, and developed the business side for three years.

But I missed coding. It was time to get back into startups. I joined Rocket Internet as their Global CTO for Clickbus, a global bus ticket platform (and the most popular in Brazil and Mexico). We built an infrastructure that saw company revenues grow from zero to a few million within a year. My own team grew from five people to 130 developers, product managers and designers within that time frame. It was also then that I met Marcelo, who is now Minespider’s Lead Developer. All in all, we developed fourteen different projects before I decided to move to Germany.

I quickly fell in love with Berlin. There I joined Spryker as CTO and MD for the US and LATAM, where I handled business development and designed the architecture and tech for the platform. Then I became CTO of Urbanara for over two years and more recently CTO and MD of DevelopX, which specializes in outsourcing developer resources.”

Minespider management team, from left; Kel Taylor (COO), Ella Cullen (CMO), Nathan Williams (Founder & CEO), Volker Krümpel (General Counsel & Compliance Officer) and Klederson Bueno (CTO).

Why Minespider?

“I met Nathan [Minespider’s founder & CEO] at an event called Code Talks in 2017. Both of us were speaking; I presented a ‘Survival Manual for CTOs’ and Nathan spoke about Minespider. I found the idea incredible and in the coming months I would often promote the project and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Soon I spoke with Nathan again and we decided I would support Minespider as a technical advisor, so I happily started investing a lot of time and energy in the company.

We are building an ecosystem where data is shared along the supply chain, creating true transparency and responsibility. I love the opportunity we have to change an entire industry and the potential impact we can have on the world. It’s both meaningful and energizing to be a part of.

Recently we flew to South America to set up our system in a mine and it was really exciting to see our second major project coming to fruition and understand how an end-to-end operation could actually work. It was great to see that Minespider can make transparency a reality and that we can easily engage with some of the biggest companies in the world on this quest.

We have also begun collecting completely new supply chain data. Once this data becomes shared, I’m eager to see how industry players will use it to optimize processes and the industry as a whole.”

What’s next?

“We’re already working on the second version of the protocol and I’m pleased with how it’s evolving. Minespider is working towards being an industry standard — we like to call it an open protocol because we can bring every player in the industry onboard and avoid any single entity having monopolistic control. It’s also an open source initiative.

As I mentioned before, we are generating a lot of new data in the industry. In the future, there will be opportunities to use AI on that data and analyze it better — making it easier for companies to fix issues such as corruption and fraud in their supply chains. This could even extend to enhancing the quality of living of the mining communities and all the other participants in the value chain. As we saw in the South American mine, by having a more responsible supply chain, we can improve the lives of everyone affiliated with the industry.

Our clients are some of the biggest players in the industry, who are working with us to shape the industry. This is not the work of one company, we’re simply enablers for an industry that’s thirsty for change.”


Ella Cullen

Ella Cullen is Minespider's Chief Marketing Officer. She’s passionate about branding, UI/UX design, new systems of governance, and marketing fast-paced startups. Originally from New Zealand and now based in Berlin, Ella previously lead the marketing teams for CodeControl, IconPeak, & RecMix.

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